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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

Enterprise Business

Almost all of our enterprise customers have internal IT departments. Simply Cloud assists these enterprises by helping them to extend their infrastructure, drive down costs and solve IT problems. Our team can work closely with existing internal IT departments to integrate with existing internal infrastructures to allow our cloud offerings, enabling the two to work seamlessly.

As enterprise IT departments are being asked to do more with less Simply Cloud can take the strain from IT departments and allow them to play to their strengths while allowing us to deal with the services that work better in a cloud environment. As most enterprises already have highly skilled IT departments and have invested in internal IT infrastructure they are turning to Simply Cloud to resolve specific problems that they think may be best dealt with in the cloud. This integration with existing infrastructures is key to our success in the enterprise market, our services become an extension of the existing services which the internal IT department can be as hands off or hands on as far as management is concerned.

 Moving to cloud doesn't have to mean losing control

 When moving to the cloud you don't have to lose control of your services, Simply Cloud allows you to manage your services with us via easy to use control panels, on the flip side if you prefer to let us handle everything it's all included as part of our package you have access to our support team 24x7.

Here are a few scenarios that enterprise businesses talk to us about regularly:

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Hardware or Software refresh
When looking at a hardware or software refresh in an enterprise the figures can add up fast. Utilising our cloud based services you can extend the life of existing hardware and pay a monthly fee for licenses rather than having to spent large amounts of capital upfront. Options include, extending the life of existing desktops by moving to Hosted Virtual Desktops, all the processing for a HVD is done on our platform so hardware can be given a new lease of life as it is utilised as a dumb terminal. Our SaaS platform can offer software such as Microsoft Office for a small monthly fee rather than having to invest in buying the licenses, moreover you get access to the latest versions as they become available.
Deploying VDI
Many enterprises are turning to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) as a way of centralising the management of desktops and moving to thin clients on desks to reduce the man hours spent repairing physical hardware. The capital expenditure required to setup a virtual desktop infrastructure begins to add up as you look to purchase the required servers, SANs, virtualisation software and training staff, Simply Cloud provides a proven resilient platform that can be utilized in this case. You can still maintain full control over your services but are safe in the knowledge that our engineers are at your disposal when you require them.
Migrating from terminal services or Citrix
Terminal Services and Citrix have been used by enterprises as a way of providing access to centralised applications but it does come with the limitations that many users still require a desktop in order to run applications for their particular tasks e.g the accounts department needing to run accounting software.
Offsite datacentre
For enterprises that want to have redundancy over their network by introducing another physical location Simply Cloud can provide a private cloud within our datacentre, this enables you to keep complete control over your services while utilising our technical expertise when you need them.