Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

Hosted VoIP

If you are considering a business grade telephony solution for your business, a Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) solution can deliver scalability, reduced costs and centralisation (even for small businesses) but also provide feature rich capability and the flexibility of an IP-PBX.

A Hosted VoIP solution from Simply Cloud replaces expensive phone systems and BT lines. Each user can use a handset or softphone which simply needs to be plugged into your broadband of office network to enable you to begin making calls.

The key benefits:

  • Cost Reduction
    You don't need any telephone system infrastructure, a Hosted VoIP system requires just handsets or softphones and a connection to the internet.
  • Call Cost Reduction
    Calls between employees within your voice network are free, no matter their location. Furthermore all other local and international landline calls are greatly reduced.
  • Advanced Security
    Security is key when sending business information across the internet, voice data is no different. Using Session Border Controller security we ensure every call is delivered securely. The Session Border Controller (SBC) is a firewall designed specifically for VoIP calls and protects your business VoIP solution from exposure to the public internet.
  • Scalable
    Hosted VoIP uses a pay as you grow model, this allows you to have a phone system that suits your business perfectly while allowing your phone system to grow seamlessly with your business.